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Originally Posted by BCR View Post
Timeline for AAL77 based on radar to correlate with Mineta's testimony.

9:26 - AAL77 was 50 nautical miles out from DC
9:30 - 30 nautical miles out
9:33 - 10 nautical miles out

If this is what Mineta was talking about, then the question to the VP would be after this at some point.

You've just proven yourself that Mineta's timeline is wrong. According to him the "does the order still stand?" happened at about 0925/26. Even just taking the basic facts of that specific event, it could not have occurred when he claimed it occurred, therefore we must accept that his times are wrong.

Once we accept that, we can look further afield for clues as to the actual time. Bear in mind that Mineta's belief that it was AA77 being discussed is a post-event determination he made based on the time he thinks this happened. If his time is wrong (which it must be), the entire basis on which he concluded it was AA77 is wrong.

The reality is numerous factors eliminate AA77.

According to Mineta's own testimony, at the time that the conversation took place:

1. The White House had been evacuated
2. Air Force One had left Sarasota
3. The VP was inside the bunker

All three of these events happened after AA77 crashed.

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