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Originally Posted by kylebisme View Post
Rather, on the cumulative basis of Robertson's witness account among others, along with video, photographs, and supported by some limited metallurgical analysis.
The videos and photographs have been discussed at length; to summarise, it's impossible for them to be molten steel. The metallurgical analysis you're referring to doesn't exist; nobody has presented metallurgical analysis showing that any previously molten, now solidified material from anywhere in the WTC complex is steel.

Originally Posted by kylebisme View Post
I won't bother recounting that all in detail though, as I'm sure you've seen it before and are fully prepared to wave your hands at it until they fall off.
Please do recount the metallurgical analysis in detail, so we can explain to you that it doesn't say what you want it to. The rest, we can disregard, because it amounts to nothing more than anecdotes.

Originally Posted by kylebisme View Post
Estimating the temperature of a material by visual inspection is fairly simple, to the point that one only need be familiar with the change in color of the light emitted by steel as it's heated to the point of melting to be able to recognise such temperatures. Granted, the color of the light emitted alone can't be used to identify the material, but being a stream of molten material of the temperature hot enough to melt steel in a pile full of steel; it doesn't take a degree in metallurgy come to conclusion that one is looking at is. at least in part, molten steel.
On the contrary, it requires considerable ignorance of metallurgy to believe that molten metal at such a high temperature can only be molten steel.

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