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Originally Posted by Wolrab View Post
Skeptics are the ones that seem to understand the definition of "unexplained". They aren't the ones that skip over the zillions of more likely possibilities and start bleating, "ALIENS!!!".
With my ufo experience, I faced the possibility of my whole world view being forced to change...for about a minute. I am so glad those geese circled back around.
I'm just glad I watched the jet contrail long enough that it quit looking like a metallic "flying saucer" viewed edge on. It did shift my world view a little. Prior to that, I was, while not a true believer, in the "mabye there's something to it" camp. My experience showed me just how easy it is to misinterpret what you see, and pushed me into the "It's extremely unlikely extraterrestrials are visiting or ever have visited the earth" camp.
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