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Originally Posted by Correa Neto View Post
Despite his conclusions, people do confuse things and perceptions may be twisted. When this happens, an "UFO sighting" may be the result.

Despite his conclusions, interdimensional travellers are still nothing but fiction and the same is valid for government cover ups, etc.
Oh yes, I have no time for Vallee's fantasies, but I think he did have a strong point re eye witness reports.

I also agree that witnesses can be mistaken, and those with little knowledge of astronomy and weather conditions could be confused. However, when it comes to pilots and other professionals who we rely on for good and valid observation, and are then equally ridiculed by officialdom, then we are surely entitled to query the more eccentric rebuttals.

Cannot the official view simply say that yes, OK, that report seems unusual and interesting, but there is insufficient information to confirm the source of the phenomenom, and treat us like grown up adults?
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