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Originally Posted by mike3 View Post
But you make it sound like that'd be something you'd not look forward to doing. Why? If I found truly good evidence of an extraordinary UFO, it'd be the most amazing and incredible thing ever.
I too would love for a UFO to be identified as something either far advanced for us, or even better, something extraterrestrial.

The circumstances of my sighting was an apparently huge triangular shaped craft (my mind was positive it was solid) slowly turned (making it controlled) as it silently drifted over myself and several friends out by my brother's observatory.

All of us that saw it were floored and started sharing details. A few minutes later, the triangle reappeared only this time with honking. With that one noise, all of us now saw the individual geese in their V formation as they went to land at a nearby pond.

What I am getting at is my whole worldview was profoundly shook up for the minutes I thought I had seen something incredible. All my senses confirmed a huge solid UFO that was defying the laws of physics, as known to me. I am somewhat of a sky watcher and know what is up there on most nights. The object I thought I saw was extraordinary, to say the least.

To be so deceived by something so mundane as geese dimly lit from from below by street lights proved to me that others, not as knowledgeable of the night sky, and without the added bonus of the geese immediately returning, would probably be convinced they had saw an alien craft. That is, hands down, the longest sentence I have ever written.

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