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Originally Posted by Explorer View Post
Fine, so the official explanation said he was observing Venus. This simply reinforces my point. Here we have a pilot who was so apparently determined to catch the image of something in the air above him to the point where he risked blacking out, killed himself in the process.

Now, I am not a pilot, but one thing I do know is that distant objects like stars stay put when you change the angle of observation, by virtue of that distance. In the air, the position of that object has no reference points, but its size and position relative to say the observers compass position from the plane, would display fixed point characteristics. There would be no confirmatory information for such an observer to be confused or miscontrue a star with an object that is close, manouvering and/or speeding away. Only objects that are relatively close and in terrestial airspace would provide observational information to suggest that case.

In other words, we are being asked to believe by the official explanation, that Captain Mantell, who had flown many times before and would be familiar with stars in the sky, had a bad day at the office on this occasion, and because Venus was particularly bright, and only because of that, confused it with an object close, in terrestial airspace, and worthy of a chase to the point where his life was on the line.
It happened to others. But even if it did not, again you are using an argumetn of incredulity "it could not happened that way". Why not ? Errare humanum est. He could *Indeed* have had a bad day, drink too much coffee, had already climbed too high which already partially impaired his judgement, then see venus, climbing more and impairing more. He could have made an error of pilotage. He could have had an small aneuvrism or small blood clot which partially impaired his judgement. He could have taken cokes. Maybe he was not as good as you think he was. Etc...etc...etc...

My own common sense tells me that he saw something much more impressive and interesting than simply a bright planet Venus. What "that" actually was remains a mystery, and as some other poster said above, it has to be tagged as the "U" in UFO.
Common sense is a bitch. It tells you a lot of things which are definitively wrong. Like for example common sense would be if you accelerate infinitely you reach infinite speed. Except that due to scientific advancement and knowledge, we know it is not the case. Common sense would indicate you can only have wave if you have a medium. Well tehre is no aether. Common sense would mean that matter is like at amcro level, at smaller level : small little orbiting planet. And not cloud. Common sense means matter is not *MOSTLY* empty void. But it is.
That is the one which come to my head as physicist. Gimme a few minutes and I could probably come with a lot more.

Wanna let me continue with destroying common sense ? Common sense is anything but reliable.

ETA: It remain a U as in Unknown *BUT* it does not need to be "much more impressive". It can simply be VERY BANAL , but stay unknown due to lack of data evidence.

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