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Originally Posted by Explorer View Post
The secrecy behind the launch of pioneering aerial man-made objects, appears to be the cause of this tragic case. My common sense is fully in tact and working fine, thanks!
I always thought that secret military crafts were the sources of many UFO sightings. Witnesses often say "It didn't move like any known man-made craft!!!" but the truth is, the witnesses don't know that we have a craft that can move like that, because if everybody knew, it wouldn't be a secret any more!

For instance, consider all the triangular-shaped UFO sightings in the 80s and 90s. After the B-2 Stealth Bomber was revealed, all of a sudden we knew that there was a man-made craft that looked like that, and we'd had it for years and years. In addition, all the "It moved so fast, it disappeared in an instant!" anecdotes were explained pretty well by Stealth technology. It's far more likely that the "UFO" simply banked into a curve and disappeared from sight that way.
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