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Originally Posted by theprestige View Post
It's relevant to your contribution to this thread.

Nobody's talking about ignoring them. However, since Israelis and others view them as terrorists, their relevance in talks of peace can be summed up as follows: "first, kill all the terrorists".

So there you have it: The topic is talks of peace between Israel and Palestine. The question is whether Hamas are terrorists or freedom fighters. Your opinion is requested: How do you think talks of peace should proceed?

Your opinion is irrelevant? Then stop posting in this thread. Your opinion is relevant? Then kindly answer the question: Do you view Hamas as terrorists or freedom fighters?
this thread is only tangentially about hamas.
my opinion about the status of hams is irrelevant, however, if you are really dying to know, yes, i view hamas as an organization fighting for the freedom of its people.
how do you suppose the american revolutionaries would have been considered by the british, if things had gone differently in 1776?
would they have been celebrated as freedom fighters or hung as traitors?
and, sir...i will post in any thread i damn well choose.
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