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Originally Posted by mrkinnies View Post
To focus more on the latter part of your video first I will start by looking at the symmetry of collapse, something that you do mention but you too distort to favour your own agenda. As is often the case with debunkers like yourself, you try to tie the collapse of the penthouse with any statements about the symmetry of destruction and clearly this is not fair or correct. What the ‘truth’ movement refers to when discussing the symmetry of collapse is the latter stage of the building’s failure when the main bulk of the building falls vertically to the ground. This is a clear and obvious stage and even NIST discusses this as being a distinct phase in the process of destruction referring to it as the ‘global collapse’. Therefore to suggest that the building’s failure was purely asymmetrical is wrong, especially when the evidence shows very clearly that after the fall of the penthouse, the remaining building, and that means most of it, fell straight down into its own footprint;

Just a few pictures prove this entire paragraph incorrect.

These first two show 7WTC with a distinct lean during the collapse.

Do you see the very noticable lean? Good.

Secondly, in regards to this bull **** about footprint (again). Please feel free to explain how Fitterman Hall was damaged on it's ROOF by the collapse of 7WTC? Did someone relocate Fitterman into the footprint of 7WTC without anyone noticing?

Here is Fitteman Hall.

Yeah, you're entire conclusion is based on lies and distortions.

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no high-rise steel building has ever fully collapsed due to fire or damage prior to or since 9/11 making such comparison impossible. Again, you make it sound to the watcher that it is a common, everyday sort of event, when it is not.
You're correct. No steel framed high-rise has ever been allowed to burn uncontrolled for 7+ hours without a single firefighter ever attempting to extinguish it.

But, I suspect you'll be doing some of this in the very near future.

Originally Posted by mrkinnies View Post
symmetrically, straight down at free-fall or near free-fall speed and with little or no deformation to the outer walls was because every supporting member of the lower floors had been removed of structural integrity at exactly the same time.
See above. You're entire conclusion is based on lies. What is that old expression? Oh, right, garbage in, garbage out.

Originally Posted by mrkinnies View Post
In short, I’m sorry to say that your video is an extremely lame rebuttal of the argument by Richard Gage and certainly does not put an end to the controlled demolition theory. By the way, steel I-sections do not snap like sticks.
I'm sorry to say that your entire post here is ******* retarded. Good luck to you.
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