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Lost Bird Proves Apollo Inauthenticity



THE LOST BIRD OF MOON BASE 00 41 15 23 26 00

As touched upon above, viewing Apollo through the prism of the "Lost Bird" metaphor, obviates the need to address that which in isolation can never be satisfactorily addressed by either side, those impossible questions regarding "fake" photos, telemetry authenticity, "lunar rock" origins and so forth. The Lost Bird argument is one based on our examining the consistency of the official narrative, what I like to refer to as the narrative's internal coherence. Because the tale told by NASA is indeed a tale of robust internal incoherence, we come to sadly, but nevertheless comfortably as regards our certainty, know Apollo to be the oh so very "untrue" story which it is. We become free to move on with clear heads and examine the rocks and the photos and the astro-actors in the appropriately artificial lighting of the theater in which this very bad play was concocted. Of course the stones and images and telemetry are important, but we'll never find truth by way of our interrogating these pieces of evidence.

The Apollo debate has long been mired in a soupy space where nothing ever can really be settled. We the curious sit in a sort of knowledge purgatory where one side cries, "What about the rocks!" and the other's rejoinder is, "Well, what about them?". Each side in the debate views the opposition as beginning from an entrenched position of begging the question. The photos are authentic because the astronauts really did land on the moon. Any perceived bogusness can and is explained away rather handily, at least in the opinion of some official story apologists. In contradistinction, for the guys and gals on the other side, the photos are so obviously phony one wants to flat out scream, if not vomit in shear disgust. For these individuals, who with nothing less than utter metaphysical certainty KNOW Apollo is charade not science, there is plenty there to see in support of reading the pictures as contrived. Just look you blind buffoon!
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