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Lost Bird Proves Apollo Inauthenticity

DC, just because there is a LRRR on the moon at 00 41 15 north and 23 26 00 east does not mean Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin put it there. Get a grip, use a little common sense.

Here is a quote from the man who targeted the laser on the evening of 07/20/1969, Remington Stone;

"We took a break to watch Neil Armstrong’s historic first step event on TV, a thrill shared by all present.
After the PR opportunity, the astronauts began to place science experiments out on the moon's surface. The first such experiment was our retroreflector, an array of 100 beautiful corner cube prisms, cut so as to return any inbound light exactly back to the source.
The Retroreflector array is seen here about 1/3 from the left edge of this photo, between the flag and Lunar Expedition Module. The astronaut in the foreground is now placing a seismograph on the lunar surface
It seemed then as if we were all set, but we still needed to know exactly where on the moon the astronauts were. As the laser beam diameter at the moon was only about two miles, we had to be able to point fairly accurately. The lunar module, under manual control in order to avoid some rough terrain, had not been landed exactly where planned. The astronauts soon determined their precise location on the moon and radioed that information to Mission Control in Houston. Later that evening, Joe Wampler spoke with Mission Control to obtain the coordinates for the actual landing site. I was sitting next to him as he stood at the night assistant's desk in the 3m control room, upon which he had a large scale moon map spread out. I heard Joe repeat back the coordinates three times in order to be absolutely certain he had them correct. Then, with the spot carefully marked on the map, we pointed the telescope to that exact lunar location and started firing a laser at it - scientific history in the making!."

You may find this well written first person account by Remington Stone of the events transpiring at Lick Observatory on the night of the landing at the University of California Observatories Web site. I suggest if you care to understand Apollo you look outside Wikipedia as a reference DC.

So if Mr. Stone got the EXACT! Tranquility Base coordinates on the evening of 07/20/1969; 00 41 15 north and 23 26 00 east, why was poor H. David Reed so confused on the morning of 07/21/1969. Didn't anyone think to tell him the coordinates it would seem "some guy" had inside NASA. A quote from Reed the Apollo program's most talented trajectory officer/FIDO;

"I sat down at the console for that prelaunch shift and was debriefed by the previous team to complete hand-off. I probably had my second cup of coffee by then and got on the loop to SELECT to get the best landing site. I remember asking SELECT what he had for landing site coordinates. I’ll never forget his answer when he said, “take your pick FIDO!” I also remember not reacting too positively to his offer. He explained that we had five different sites. He said “we have MSFN(tracking radars), PNGS (primary LM guidance computer), AGS(backup LM guidance computer), the targeted landing site and, oh yes, the geologist have determined yet another site based upon the crew’s description of the landscape and correlating that with orbiter photos”. No two of these were even close to each other."
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