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Each degree constitutes roughly 18 miles at the moon's equator, each minute of arc .314 miles, each second of arc 27.6 feet or thereabouts. As they gave the Lick Observatory staff the coordinates 00 41 15 north and 23 26 00 east, they were confident in providing the coordinates to an accuracy of the last digits, seconds of arc.

Of course that is ridiculous , and I'll make that point now. In Houston, they have US Geological Survey people "looking for" Armstrong on what Michael Collins himself refers to as "crude maps" and they are going to determine his location to within minutes' of arc accuracy? Absurd!

So, having made that point, let's say they told the Lick people they had Armstrong and Aldrin located to within a minute of arc or .314 miles for each of the coordinates. That would give us . 314 squared plus .314 squared, take the square root of that sum, gives .445. So its reasonable to suggest given the units and decimal places they are working with, when they give the Lick Observatory people the Eagle's coordinates, they are providing coordinates that give the astronauts' location to within .445 miles. If they were not his confident, they would not be specifying the numbers so completely. and I remind you, the numbers given to Lick were the numbers Lick confirmed as coordinates 10 days after the landing. Accurate indeed. And how so? Who made the calculation to begin with? It most certainly was not Reed. And Reed is a very reliable historian and he tells us it was decidedly not one of his guidance and trajectory colleagues. So the information came from OUTSIDE OF THE MISSION CONTROL GROUP. THERE WAS KNOWLEDGE OF THESE NUMBERS BEFORE HAND AND THIS MEANS FRAUD!

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