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Lost Bird Proves Apollo Inauthenticity

One more try Matt before I head off to work. I'll summarize my points above. At least consider the following;

To emphasize Matt, the most remarkable reference dealing with this extraordinary subject turns out to be a recent publication, FROM THE TRENCHES OF MISSION CONTROL TO THE CRATERS OF THE MOON. David Reed's first person account of his experiences at a Mission Control console on 07/21/1969 is one of many first person accounts featured in what I think is a terrific book. As mentioned, Reed's job was that of FIDO, pronounced like the dog's name. He was a FLIGHT DYNAMICS OFFICER responsible for tracking and maneuvering calculations. Reed was a launch specialist and the best of the best. He was on shift for at least 5 of the Saturn V launches and because of his abilities, he was tapped as the person most able to deal with the Eagle's launch from the lunar surface back to Collins orbiting above.

The role of FIDO is supported by 2 key players, DYNAMICS(computer specialist dealing with tracking/maneuvering calculations) and SELECT(a specialist who "selects" the best tracking source for the calculations of concern). Keep in mind Matt, a guy like Reed is not a player in the fraud. Most of the 400,000 people participating believe the hokum is real. Pretty dang sad is all I can say.

So Reed walks into work to begin his shift at the time when people are looking toward what they believe will be a real launch of this oh so very not real bird. Reed writes,

"After Apollo XI landed, as the World celebrated and sipped champagne, I slept in preparation for my shift prior to lunar launch. I would work with SELECT and DYNAMICS to get all the relative geometry down and work out the correct ignition time for return to the CSM. Piece of cake really. All we needed were landing site coordinates and a solid ephemeris on the CSM."

Note Matt that initially from Reed's point of view, no big deal. He needs the coordinates of the Eagle and wants to know where the command module is. Keep in mind Reed is Mission Controls highest authority on that day for this problem. He knows more than anyone about this particular job, this launch task, that is why he is there on the morning of 07/21/1969. It is significant that Reed actually seems to have anticipated the coordinates being ready for him. Well he was in for a surprise as I already pointed out above. Reed writes;

"I sat down at the console for that prelaunch shift and was debriefed by the previous team to complete hand-off. I probably had my second cup of coffee by then and got on the loop to SELECT to get the best landing site. I remember asking SELECT what he had for landing site coordinates. I’ll never forget his answer when he said, “take your pick FIDO!” I also remember not reacting too positively to his offer. He explained that we had five different sites. He said “we have MSFN(tracking radars), PNGS (primary LM guidance computer), AGS(backup LM guidance computer), the targeted landing site and, oh yes, the geologist have determined yet another site based upon the crew’s description of the landscape and correlating that with orbiter photos”. No two of these were even close to each other."

So based on Reed's account, and he is the individual who knows more than anyone there at Mission Control about tracking and maneuvering issues at the time of the Eagle's launch, all the sophisticated tools these guys have at their disposal, take a look, they are listed above, there is no agreement "even close" amongst the 5 methods of landing site determination employed. That means at that point in time, Reed knew that at least 4 solutions were way off, and as we'll see below, once the numbers were reviewed by this FIDO, he came to the conclusion that all five of the previously arrived at solutions were way off. Doesn't exactly inspire confidence now does it?

But wait a dang second now! On the other hand, back at Lick Observatory in California where they were fixing to fire and did fire a ruby red laser at the LRRR(lunar laser retroreflector) many hours prior to the commencement of Reed's important launch shift, this wasn't the story. The very man who targeted the laser, Remington Stone, wrote a marvelous little first hand account of his experience at the Lick Observatory on the evening of 07/20/1969. You have to read this account of the events at Lick Observatory that night Matt. It is essential.

Shortly after the astronauts were said to have deployed the laser retroreflector, Houston called Lick Observatory with precise coordinates; 00 41 15 north, 23 26 00 east. As it turned out, the man at Lick Observatory who took the phone call from Houston, a scientist by the name of Joe Wampler, he heard "50" instead of "15" at the end there of the north coordinate, so there was a tiny problem with the "hand off". (For the curious 15 to 50 is a 35 second of arc difference amounting to 35 X 27.6 feet per second of arc, 960 feet difference. The laser beam on the moon is 2 miles wide, so 960 feet off may not have been too big an issue if other things went well, which they did not, as detailed below.)

The critical point here to keep in mind Matt is the narrative's glaring incoherence. Here we have Lick observatory being given Eagle' precise location, the EXACT! location of Tranquility base hours before Reed even comes on duty. Clearly, the site of the laser reflector was known before hand, before the pretended Eagle landing, as Armstrong had it not, and "officially" Houston had it not. As we'll see, our FIDO Reed, begins to puzzle out the Eagle's location. But back too Reminton Stone, a quote from his account of that epic evening;

"We took a break to watch Neil Armstrong’s historic first step event on TV, a thrill shared by all present.
After the PR opportunity, the astronauts began to place science experiments out on the moon's surface. The first such experiment was our retroreflector, an array of 100 beautiful corner cube prisms, cut so as to return any inbound light exactly back to the source.
The Retroreflector array is seen here about 1/3 from the left edge of this photo, between the flag and Lunar Expedition Module. The astronaut in the foreground is now placing a seismograph on the lunar surface
It seemed then as if we were all set, but we still needed to know exactly where on the moon the astronauts were. As the laser beam diameter at the moon was only about two miles, we had to be able to point fairly accurately. The lunar module, under manual control in order to avoid some rough terrain, had not been landed exactly where planned. The astronauts soon determined their precise location on the moon and radioed that information to Mission Control in Houston. Later that evening, Joe Wampler spoke with Mission Control to obtain the coordinates for the actual landing site. I was sitting next to him as he stood at the night assistant's desk in the 3m control room, upon which he had a large scale moon map spread out. I heard Joe repeat back the coordinates three times in order to be absolutely certain he had them correct. Then, with the spot carefully marked on the map, we pointed the telescope to that exact lunar location and started firing a laser at it - scientific history in the making!."

The interested may find Remington Stone's remarkable story at the University of California Observatories Web Site. READ IT! Stone goes on to relate how the next day they figured out the 15/50 problem but it was not until August 1st 1969 that the laser retroreflector was successfully targeted by the scientists at Lick observatory. Their having difficulty with the targeting had to do with a software/timing problem. This is confirmed in the seminal article by the laser retroreflector lead investigators/scientists who published an article appearing in the January 1970 issue of the journal, SCIENCE, which mentions this timing "problem".

So we have the scientists at Lick Observatory receiving Tranquility Base's precise coordinates when every one at Mission Control INCLUDING REED! in Houston is in the dark as regards these very same Eagle landing coordinates. AND it is not until 08/01/1969 that those coordinates are confirmed as the site of Eagle's landing, 10 or 11 days after the Eagle was said to have touched down. So the smartest FIDO/tracking calculator on the planet, H. David Reed, did not know information, EXTRAORDINARILY CRITICAL AND IMPORTANT INFORMATION, regarding Eagle's coordinates that was passed along to the Lick scientists well before he even came on duty. Why wasn't Reed given the coordinates? Lick Observatory itself did not know these to be the "correct" coordinates of Tranquility Base until successful LRRR targeting on 08/01/1969. From this insane SCRIPT, we rightly conclude there was foreknowledge on the part of an "elite" group/person on the fraud's inside, passing the coordinates to Lick as all would expect, but keeping them from Reed to perpetuate the game. Remember, only a very small number of people in a relative sense know this is fake.

Let's finish up with H. David Reed. I hope the guy actually learns of his having been gamed at some point. It is the only way this thing ever will resolve, with a major player saying, "YES! it had to have been FAKE! I was not part of it, but was fooled".

Here's Reed again;

" It was the DYNAMICS computer controller, Pete Williams who catalyzed the solution. He said that if we only had rendezvous radar tracking data from the LM on the CSM we could work the problem backward. After all, we knew where the CSM was and the problem was a relative one between the CSM and the LM, not actually requiring latitude and longitude. To do this we would need to have the rendezvous radar (RR) turned on in the LM one revolution earlier than planned. Only two more passes of the CSM remained before Ascent ignition, before we had to have a solution to this problem! I remember taking my headset off and walking up to the Flight Director, Milt Windler to explain the situation. We only used that kind of face to face communication when we had a serious problem such as this. I detailed the problem as best we knew it and the process that we’d have to follow to get the data we needed, and why we had to start a rev early to finish the calculations and then find the critical lift-off time for lunar launch. I recall the CapCom instructing Buzz Aldrin that we needed him to perform the RR check early but I don’t believe that CapCom explained why, just another check was all. Shaft & trunnion angles were passed up to aid acquisition. Right on time as the CSM cleared the horizon we began seeing data. We counted the agonizing minutes as the telemetry came flowing in until the CSM was receding. Now we had the data we needed to run the problem (a rendezvous problem in reverse) and get the correct liftoff time*. And that’s what we used. Later we would find out just where were we on the surface. We were actually over 25,000 feet from the nearest of the other five choices we had! At 5,000-fps orbital velocity of the CSM that could have been up to a ten second error in liftoff. That would have meant we’d need a LOT of RCS (reaction control system fuel) to play catch up or slow down in a rather abnormal (I don’t recall training for this one) rendezvous situation."

I don't believe I need draw the attentive reader's eye to the lines above where Reed emphasizes by how far off all the other five solutions had been. And by now, I need not draw the reader's attention to the bizarreness of all this, the utter unmitigated insanity. One can only walk away incredulous. Here we have the man most responsible for calculating/determining the Eagles trajectory back to the command module. It would had e been a "piece of cake" per Reed himself, had they only had the coordinates. Yet they had them all along! Someone gave them, the very same exact coordinates that proved to be the location of the precise location of the Eagle, to the Lick Observatory staff many hours before Reed even came on duty. Something is not only rotten in Denmark, but rotten in outer space as well. Good thing you can't smell anything up there. PEEEEYOUUUUUU!!!!

The reason for the shenanigans is obvious Matt. If the Russians got wind of 00 41 15 north, 23 26 00 east, they might take a picture of a place where there were no astronauts. LUNA crashed late on 07/21/1969. Tranquility Base was not formally found until 08/01/1969.

I leave you Matt with 2 questions, imagine planning a lunar expedition and not being reasonably confident you would be able to find your astronauts' location on the surface of the moon. Hardly makes any sense. Additionally, have you ever seen the US Geological Survey Maps of the moon they employed when trying to find Armstrong and Aldrin? Go ahead, take a look at them, their detail. Is it remotely possible a halfway reasonable person would suggest using these in finding the Eagle given their detail? NO.

Apollo as a story is so very very very internally incoherent. We need not fight over the authenticity of rocks and photos and telemetry any longer. Of course it is all fake. For once and for all we can all see this now. Now that our Lost Bird has been found.
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