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Lost Bird Proves Apollo Inauthenticity

Not bad points about the rocks and pics, but as we all know only something like 5% of the rock samples have been studied. What about the other 95%? People go back and forth about the photos ad nauseam. Makes one dizzy. HBs see the photographs as obviously fake, mainstreamers see extraordinarily clear shots of the 20th century's most amazing event.

The only way one ever makes headway in coming to terms with any of this is to look at the narrative itself. Study the story. What is the story?

If that story features a pair of world class fighter pilots lost on the moon's surface with no clue as to how best to find themselves, I know I need not worry about rocks and pics, at least as regards to what they tell me about the Apollo Program's authenticity. The narrative is inconsistent, internally incoherent and therefore necessarily untrue. Of course the rocks are fake. Of course the pictures are fake. Of course the Saturn V launches are "staged", with the big rockets going up, but not to the moon., to know where? What metaphor! We know this to be the case because we find the principals to be lying and obviously so. There is nothing subtle about this, and so there is no mystery to any of this, to the rocks, to the pics. It all must be counterfeit. There is no other explanation consistent with the fraudulent narrative.

If a NASA principal tells the people at Lick Observatory the precise coordinates of Tranquility Base during the evening of 07/20/1969 and withhold this information from the very man who needs it most, FIDO H. David Reed, we know Apollo must be bogus. How can it be otherwise?

If during the flight of Apollo 8 astronaut Borman gets diarrhea and his poop floats throughout the zero G cabin contaminating everything without anything that remotely resembles an appropriate response to it all by Charles Berry or one of the other pretend doctors, we know Apollo simply cannot be a bona fide space adventure to the moon. It can only be super fake, just based right there on the Borman diarrhea episode alone. It could not have happened with real doctors in a real world and so we know this was the pretend world of Apollo where it doesn't matter if salmonella adhere to Jim Lovell's eyebrows or not. It's only pretend bacteria after all. Score one for imagination and laughs though. Too bad the funny diarrhea story cost us $130,000,000,000. You'd think after the fake Borman loose poop episode that they would have come up with a fake contingency plan for future episodes of fraudulent g.i. distress, but their imaginations were limited.

You say real rocks and I say fake diarrhea. You say real photos and I say these lost astronauts couldn't score a Boy Scouts of America Map and Compass Navigation merit badge. We are at an impasse yes, but I pay no attention to the rocks and pics any more. I read what the astronauts say and the astronauts lie to my face, so I know Apollo cannot be true.

So sad…………..
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