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Originally Posted by chrismohr View Post
Alienentity and others,

Following through on my earlier inquiry about the "lateral ejection" of the big steel beams sticking out of the buildings, I at first asked in essence, can we show evidence that all the beams we see sticking out of the buildings were directly above parts of the debris pile, therefore NO EJECTION? Conversely, another question: come to think of it, in all the WTC collapse videos I've watched, I don't remember ever seeing huge beams soaring horizontally through the air. I have of course seen huge panels break off and tip over and away from the building, but no beams shooting like arrows horizontally.

I need to wrap my mind around this new information; does anyone have answers to either of these questions? Thanks, Chris
Hi Chris,

Yes, I believe the word 'ejection' is incorrect. As others have pointed out, as the exterior structure came apart, large sections of it fell outside the footprint, it wasn't just a few steel beams here and there being flung out.

So yes, if you look at the picture of the Winter Garden (that's the one that caught my eye) you can see large swaths of tower debris, and a few miscellaneous beams embedded in the adjacent tower.
Here's a better picture I just found which shows the embedded fragments which AE911Truth claims were flung there by high explosives...
I believe the building in question is 3 WFC, American Express Tower. According to Wiki, it wasn't just a few scattered beams that hit the building, either!
'Three World Financial Center was severely damaged by the falling debris when the World Trade Center towers collapsed on September 11, 2001. The building's southeast corner took heavy structural damage, though the effects were not enough to create a threat of collapse. The building had to be closed for repairs from September 11, 2001 until May 2002 as a result of damage sustained in the terrorist attacks.'

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