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Originally Posted by chrismohr View Post
I just watched the first of these videos Marokkaan put out. I am still struggling with the question of whether the steel beams lodged in the building were ejected or they were just part of the perimeter columns falling sideways, as several people have suggested. In this video, the evidence seems to favor forcible ejection of some kind, which NIST also states (see this video).

In other words, was there lateral ejection of these steel beams? Looking and reading this video, my first impression is that there was. If that is true, there are four possible explanations: 1) explosives 2) 480+ mph winds as 1/2 million cubic ft or air is expelled per floor 3) bow and arrow effect as inward-bowing columns snap back 4) ricochet or "pinball" effect as broken beams falling downward hit another object and ricochet horizontally.

The other proposal (for which there is impressive photographic evidence earlier in this thread) is large columns peeling away, the tops of which lodged into buildings up to 600 feet away.

Or some combination of both? Still wondering, since my article assumed that lateral ejection DID happen...

Later I'll watch the second video here as well...

Chris, how about this can clear see wall section peeling away and how the core was the last thing to fail.

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