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I just thought I'd update, what everybody already saw coming.

This campaign and money collecting thing was supposed to end on 11th of September.

- No updates on this on the main rememberbuilding7 campaign website, just the old "donate now" buttons
- No updates on Facebook, they have moved on to other topics
- No updates on their twitter
- No updates on
- No updates on 911blogger, only one blog posting containing a request for donations for this campaign, posted September 15th
- No updates on truthaction forum, or as a matter of fact on any other forum either for all that I could find
- And most importantly, not a single truther or any other person questioning the results or the fate of this campaign, or questioning how it is doing, where is it going, did they get money and how much? Not anywhere, like nobody cares. And this was the biggest and most important campaign ever?
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