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Originally Posted by Aepervius View Post
Originally Posted by Kid Eager View Post
What. has Rossi delivered something? No? Tested? No?

Oh wait. He's *talking* to people. Well that's progress...
Rossi said he will *NOT* do anymore public demo.

Also Rossi said that h had problem with the cargo ship blocked at a sea port last week.
Did somebody bet on that ?

ETA on nytechnik :
We had a preliminary agreement with a very important party in the U.S., but when we received the final draft, it included conditions that our lawyers said that we should not accept”, Rossi told Ny Teknik.

Shipment of the plant was then blocked; according to Rossi, however, the launch will still take place in October as earlier promised, though he could not yet disclose where this will take place.

Hmm, let's see:

DisasterOct. 15-21Oct. 22-28Oct. 29-Nov. 4Nov. 5-11Nov. 12-18Nov. 19-25Nov. 26-Dec. 2Late Dec.
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The shipment being blocked would probably go under "Dang Gubbmint!", but no one specifically said he'd have "conditions" on the agreement he has problems with. If those conditions turn out to be financial, though, it could be "Money Issues".
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