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Lab Guy update

Here are some of the emails I have received from my "Lab Guy" Jim Millette of MVA Scientific Consultants, who has taken a strong interest in this research and I believe has the tools to do a competent job. He believes if thermitic materials are there in significant quantities, he can find it (above a certain low threshold). I am convinced he is our man; he has experience, credentials, openmindedness, a good lab with access to multiple tests, even several samples of WTC dust with an ironclad chain of custody:

Chris, Iíll take some time to think about the best way to proceed. I too wish for an objective study that can be replicated in other laboratories. I will try and send a proposal next week. I have the Harritt Open Journal article of 2009.

Chris, I read your email. After reading the articles concerning the theory of Thermite causing the World Trade Center building collapse I looked briefly at one of the WTC dust samples we have in archive. We would be happy to be involved in a full study of the material.

Chris, We have looked at a number of red/gray particles from WTC dust samples we have archived and concluded that there is no simple test that can answer your question. However, we are interested in doing some forensic research analysis with samples we have and would be willing to look at a sample from the published work if you can make it available. If you are willing to fund the project with $1,000, we will provide additional analyses at no cost. We will only invoice you after we have sent you a report with something substantial. The attached preliminary data report shows elemental spectra that are consistent with paint layers we have seen previously. Additional testing by PLM, SEM, TEM and FTIR after sample treatment may tell us differently.

Chris, I have no problem with your release of our preliminary data to Kevin Ryan. If he sends us his red-gray chips, it is my intention to try and replicate his analyses and then do additional testing by PLM, SEM-EDS, TEM-SAED-EDS and FTIR after sample treatment as seems appropriate. We will return all unused portions of the samples he sends. Jim Millette

James R. Millette, Ph.D.
MVA Scientific Consultants
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