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Lightbulb Plasma Physics: "E orientation" or "B orientation"? IV

Originally Posted by Reality Check View Post
Once again you show your inability to understand the physics.
There is no dumbing down. The fact is that the "E orientation" canot be used in plasma physics as explained by Tim Thompson.The reason is simple to state:
The equivalence between the E & B orientation in Maxwell's equations is broken by the addition of Newton's laws in plasma physics.

Mozina's last response to me on these posts appears in post #6159 near the bottom of page 154. That is where I gave up. His responses on the "E" vs "B" topic are irrational, unreasonable and totally ignore all of the physics as if it did not exist at all. Indeed, in one of his responses we find this little gem:

Originally Posted by Michael Mozina View Post
It's just hero worship Tim, nothing more. I got over my hero worship of Alfven. I suggest you take Parker off that soapbox before you hurt yourself.

Mozina has little to offer but hero worship, and yet sees fit to accuse me of doing exactly what he does. It's not hero worship, it's simply physics, and I have given detail & reference to the real physics in the posts referenced here. Mozina ignores the physics and it is impossible to get him to admit that there is even any physics there ...

Originally Posted by Michael Mozina View Post
No there isn't Tim. You simply made another of your many HANDWAVES about why you personally (or some authority figure you personally WORSHIP) thinks one orientation has merit over another IN SOME circumstances. So what?

Well, there you have it. According to Mozina, appealing to the classical physics of Isaac Newton is "one of many HANDWAVES". It is not possible to engage Mozina in an intelligent conversation on the "E" vs "B" orientation.
The point of philosophy is to start with something so simple as not to seem worth stating, and to end with something so paradoxical that no one will believe it. -- Bertrand Russell
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