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When the Millette paper or anything I have a hand in re 9/11 is being discussed on blogs everywhere, it doesn't take long for someone in 9/11 Truth to pull out this YouTube "Pearls Before Swine" attack video against me from David Chandler and herald it as the last word on the matter:

People also email this to me personally at least one a month. In essence, Chandler corrects some mistakes in my original youtube video (chrismohr911 #18 freefall collapse of Building 7), uses those mistakes as evidence that I don't know what I am talking about, tells viewers that with mistakes like these no one can take anything I say seriously, and then ends with a not-so-cryptic biblical quote about casting pearls before swine.

I corrected the mistakes in my first video and re-recorded a new version with my response to David Chandler here:

No one who triumphantly spreads this poison around comments on the fact that Chandler's link to my old YouTube no longer works now that I have made these corrections on a revised version. Chandler has told them it is not necessary to even think about what I say so why should they care that the piece Chandler is attacking with such withering contempt is no longer even there to be viewed?

This video achieves its intended purpose for the most prejudiced and close-minded 9/11 "Truth" devotees: people declare me incompetent and decide they can completely ignore all 238 of my respectful rebuttals to Gage's assertions in Blueprint for Truth. The people blindly follow Chandler to that conclusion are not worthy of the respect I have shown them, nor is David Chandler's behavior worthy of a leader. Thankfully not everyone in 9/11 Truth agrees that ad hominem attacks are an appropriate response to my rebuttals.
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