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(from post #8203)
The contact from the astronauts's arm was only slight.
It's already been determined that the flag started moving before he got close enough to it to touch it.

Three separate people have used photo analysis/video analysis and determined the same thing. This includes Jarrah White.
You're misrepresenting Jarrah White's position to sway those who don't take the time to watch the videos. I urge all viewers to watch the first video above.

Seismic data suggests that the Moon is a very good conductor of sound, the astronaut could very easily have moved the flagpole with his footsteps.
The nature of the movement is consistent with the atmosphere expanation. You haven't been able to show this to be false. These responses were pretty lame too.

(post #8194)
No it hasn't. Post #8172 was my rebuttal to post #8164. Now I want a counter-rebuttal. If you believe your own arguments, you'll stop tap dancing around and give a serious response.
There is no rebuttal you will accept.
Really, you ought to rethink.
Obviously, you have not thought this through
Logically, you are wrong
Logistically, you are overloaded with thoughts you cannot handle.
(post #8195)
Look at all the posts between this one and post #8172. I don't see a single rebuttal. Show me which one it is.
What is there to rebut? You've cherry picked and demonstrated a painful lack of knowledge on basic issues, and the overwhelming majority of people who have viewed this thread know it.
You can't give a rebuttal to this because you know it was in atmosphere.

If vibration had been the cause of the movement, the top of the flag would have moved and there would have been some up and down movement of the bottom of the flag. We can rule out vibration because of the nature of movement of the flag.

Jarrah's flag comes to a stop after 5 seconds, the Apollo flag sped up 150% takes 20 seconds. Now explain, properly this time, it billows much more than Apollo yet stops way quicker.
It's not at all clear how fast Jarrah's flag comes to a stop as the camera is not looking at the flag straight on as would be necessary to see when it comes to a stop.
(8:30 time mark)

I've made this point before and you people just ignored it.

People don't push "breezes" in front of them, the air filters out to the sides predominantly. Show me some physics that explains this ficticious movement of air, 6 feet in front of a man moving.
Anyone can hang a piece of cloth from a ceiling light and trot by it at a forty five degree angle and watch it behave exactly like the Apollo flag. The time it keeps moving and the speed at which it moves will be a little different as the Apollo footage was shown in slow-motion.

Once after having posted that Spurstalk-moon hoax link on about twenty YouTube videos, the viewcount of that thread went up by more than four thousand in a little over a week. A lot of those people probably hadn't ever seen that hoax evidence before. Some people have sent me notes thanking me. I feel like I'm doing a good thing.

I created a new thread there and posted the direct link to the Spurstalk thread with your "info". It sits there, freely available for any user, registered or not.
When I went back as a sock puppet, I was unable to post the info. They seemed to have changed their way of doing things just for you so you could make your point. Could you link to anything similar posted by a real hoax-believer? I'll bet you couldn't get that posted at ApolloHoaxNet.

So far nobody has been able to explain satisfactorily why the Apollo flag didn't billow simply because the breeze wasn't strong enough to make it billow. Anyone can test this at home. You can pretend all you want but you are checkmated by this issue.
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