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Originally Posted by Orphia Nay View Post
So as not to derail the Millette responses thread further, Oystein, is it true they banned you at truthaction?

I've just had a look to see what I'd missed in the couple of weeks I haven't been there, but can't see any mention of your banning.
Hey Orphia,

yes, true, I was banned a good fortnight ago. Currently searching for the boot that came down upon me...
The build-up was on pages 3 and 4 of this thread (which then continued with truly excellent explanations by Kat Dorman on why the commonest CD-arguments are false and why Bazant is largely spot-on within the confines of his model assumptions - makes sure you read it, if structural response to collapse interests you):
I don't quite get what problem he had with me. Some splitting of hairs over what value DSC testing has towards the objectives of Harrit on one and Millette on the other hand, or perhaps out different evaluation on wherein Jones's and Harrit's fraud lies.

Other abuses headed my way shortly before my execution are found here

SnowCrash STILL hasn't understood that the problem with Harrit/Jones is not their data but their false interpretation of it - he thinks the data is solid proof of a thermite reaction when in reality it isn't at all:
Originally Posted by SnowCrash
They committed fraud. The paper did, in fact, prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that a thermitic reaction had taken place, except... if there was fraud. They explicitly stated elemental iron present after ignition wasn't present before ignition. They lied about the key finding
Oystein was wrong. There was no ambiguity about the paper's key finding. It wasn't error. It wasn't unclear. The paper, had it not been for its lying main architect (Jones), was unequivocal. All the debunkers' criticisms over the years were full of ****, until they contracted Millette.
It was unequivocal only in its false conclusions which don't follow from the data.

He is a very disturbed individual, and YT is a fool that he lets such a loose cannon "moderate" his forum.
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