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Originally Posted by chrismohr View Post
Hey, here is a question. People like Chris7 have said that heating the chips to 430 degrees C creates iron-rich microspheres, which can be created only at temperatures above the melting point of iron or steel. Did the Bentham DSC test specifically measure and record temperatures in the 2800 degree F range, or just an ignition that left behind these spheres? Did they measure energy release or temperature as well?
The answer is easy and clear: NO, they did NOT measure any temperature except implicitly that of the DSC plate, which increased to a maximum of 700C.

They only measured energy release, but that can by no means be computed to imply any particular temperature increase. The reaction of the red layers, which had a mass of only tens of micrograms, took place over the course of many minutes. They rested on a metal plate that probably had a massof at least tens of grams, so any heat released by the probe was quickly absorbed by the plate which had a million times the mass of the probe. I am convinced that even local temperature never exceeded 700C.

I still don't understand how these spheres are created, but neither do Harrit
The experiment they did however strongly indicates the spheres were not the result of melting iron or iron oxide.
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