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I did your formula calculations in the meantime. Funny thing I notice is that the bodies of Provan's test group occupy less volume on average than those of the hypothetical test group with 3 adults 43 kg and 5 children 16 kg, even though the total and average weights of the latter test group are lower than those of the former:

Item_ Provan's test group_Test group with 3 adults 43 kg and 5 children 16 kg
(a) Number of bodies in Provan's test group_8_8
(b) Volume m of Provan's box_0.44_0.44
(c) Volume m per body = (b) (a)_0.06_0.06
(d) Concentration of bodies per cubic meter_18.18_18.18
ST's formula:
(e) Total weight of adults kg_174_129
(f) Total weight of children (1) kg_85_64
(g) Total weight of children (2) kg_7_16
(h) Total weight of test group kg_266_209
(i) Average weight of test person kg_33,25_26,13

(j) Volume occupied by adult m_0,095940_0,090526
(k) Volume occupied by child (1) m_0,035150_0,033684
(l) Volume occupied by child (2) m_0,011579_0,033684
(m) Total volume m of (j)+(k)+(l)_0,142669_0,157895
(n) Average volume per person = (m) 3_0,047556_0,052632
(o) Persons per m = 1 (n)_21,03_19,00

How do you explain this?
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