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Originally Posted by BasqueArch View Post
The floor collapses occurred in the eastern portion at different times in bay sized portions, not the entire floor
You have no accurate way of knowing what occurred internally.

From the acceleration curve and time I very roughly estimate at 6-8 of net max-min bobbing. This figure can certainly be revised by better math.
By all means apply "better math" to the data. I'd be more than curious to see the results.

If the NW corner should not have moved for the last 5 seconds before the EPhouse collapse
Why do folk here have such short attention span/memory ?

The NW corner was in motion long before release...

You quoted that image less than four HOURS ago.

I know of no engineering reason the NW corner should be bobbing net 6-8
Again, it's amplified noise. It can maybe be reduced slightly but it's not going away with data taken from the Dan Rather footage. As you can see above, noise levels in the Cam#3 data are much reduced.

Perhaps no further accuracy is possible.
I know of no way to extract higher fidelity data. The techniques were refined over a period of about 18 months. Anyone wanting to give it a whirl is more than welcome.

Assuming the NW corner should not be moving before the EPH collapse
It is moving.

Use Cam#3 graphs if you're interested in displacement. Use Dan Rather graphs if you're interested in acceleration. Dan Rather data is noisier than Cam#3 data. Nothing to do with the data extraction method or data treatment, simply video quality. And, yes, I have the highest quality Dan Rather footage I can lay my hands on.
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