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Originally Posted by SnakeTongue View Post
So, where is the x "per cubic meter"?
It's right here, in your own calculation:
Originally Posted by SnakeTongue View Post

Let's transform "corpse" in x:

z = (1Kg / 1m^3) / (1Kg / 1x)

z = x * (Kg) * (1/Kg) * (1/m^3)

z = x * (Kg) * (Kg^-1) * (m^-3)
If the same unit of measurement is in the numerator and denominator, that unit cancels out, just as a numerical quantity would in an algebraic calculation. So kg*1/kg=1

It's confusing to write "corpses', a unit of measurement, as x, which is used to represent a numerical quantity. But I'll keep your notation.

So we have x * (Kg) * (Kg^-1) * (m^-3)=x/m^3

or corpses per cubic meter.

For more information on how calculations involving units of measurement work, see
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