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Originally Posted by JohnG View Post
I'm sure your first questions after "hearing about molten metal" were:

"Is there any evidence of this?"
"'Molten metal' is a little vague. There are different kinds of metal that melt at different temperatures. Why is melted anything immediately considered suspicious in a fire as large and as hot as the fires that raged in the twin towers on 9/11?"

You did ask these questions before turning the "molten metal" anecdotes into a reason to be suspicious about the 9/11 attacks, right?
Oh sure.

Originally Posted by Fizzard View Post
Sylmar fire's collateral damage
Los Angeles Times - Nov 28, 2008

Earlier this month, fire erupted in the hills above Sylmar. It blew through Oakridge Mobile Home Park, burning with such ferocity that rain gutters turned into pools of molten metal and car tires were melted down to tangled nests of steel radials.


Deadly pile-up paralyses city
From: Herald Sun (Melbourne)
March 24, 2007 12:00AM

As the Burnley Tunnel tragedy unfolded:

WITNESSES watched a 15m fireball turn cars to molten metal and send thick plumes of smoke billowing skyward.

"This was extreme heat -- the wrecks are just molten metal," [Metropolitan Fire Brigade acting chief Keith Adamson] said.


Police unable to locate drivers who escaped tunnel fire
The Daily Journal (San Mateo County), October 15, 2007

As the highway reopened early Monday, investigators worked to identify vehicles, some of which were reduced to molten steel in the fire's intense heat.


Tank Explosion Tied To California Bus Fire
Evening Independent - Jun 27, 1981

The intensity of the flames sent streams of molten metal running along the highway and blackened asphalt for a quarter of a mile.


[San Bernardino County Coroner Harvey Castro] said all the bodies were burned beyond recognition by the intense heat, "which just melted the bus."


Indicators of Trouble
John J. Lentini
w w w.

A study of the 1991 Oakland fire that burned 3,000 homes revealed the presence of melted copper in over 80% of the burned structures, and what appeared to be melted steel in over 90% of the burned structures. With respect to steel, looks can be deceiving. What appears to be melted may be merely oxidized.


Fire Melts Steel Road Supports
Schenectady Gazette, August 7, 1989

A fire at an illegal dump beneath an elevated highway yesterday melted steel supports and buckled a section of the busy route into the New York metropolitan area, authorities said.


Old Amusement Park Burns
The Spokesman-Review (Spokane, WA) - Jul 22, 1963

Fire of searing intensity consumed much of the old Forest Park Highlands Amusement Park, a St. Louis landmark. The blaze, at its height here, "melted steel like butter," said one awed spectator.


Massive fire engulfs several blocks of Ybor City
Boca Raton News (Associated Press) - May 20, 2000

Several blocks of historic Ybor City went up in flames Friday, wiping out a $30 million luxury apartment complex under construction and destroying a post office.

The massive six-alarm blaze, caused by a construction accident, melted steel girders on nearby construction projects and sent construction workers and postal employees fleeing from the inferno.


Troopers Identify Fourth Victim In Fishing Boat Fire
Anchorage Daily News - Sep 15, 1982

Troopers said they have recovered remains of at least seven bodies from the fishing vessel Investor, which burned Sept. 7. The body of 4-year-old John Coulthurst was not found, but trooper spokesman Paul Edscorn said investigators believe the intense heat of the fire completely destroyed any remains.

"We're talking about a fire that melted steel," Edscorn said.


Worker Injured When Fire Erupts At Paint Warehouse
Ocala Star-Banner - May 28, 1987

Fire broke out at a paint warehouse on the city's north side Wednesday night, injuring one worker and turning the building into a pile of melted steel girders, authorities said.


Five-Alarm Blaze Razes Factory in New Orleans
The Victoria Advocate - Jul 9, 1980 (AP)

Flames, so hot they melted steel, destroyed the 800,000-square-foot American Standard plumbing accessories plant on Lake Pontchartrain early Tuesday and injured at least two firefighters who fought the spectacular blaze for more than six hours.


Chicago Sun-Times - January 18, 1996

What apparently drove residents to risk life and limb was dense, acrid smoke that filled the building and flames "so hot they melted steel," [Fire Commissioner Raymond] Orozco said.


Repairs to damaged stadium include safety improvements
USA TODAY - Aug 3, 1993

The fire, linked to cooking fuel left unattended, destroyed eight suites. Also, smoke damaged the press box and press lounge and the booth where the scoreboard and video displays are operated. The intense heat melted steel beams, forcing temporary closing of the 1,700 seats.


Mobile home park is ground zero of Calif. wildfire
USA Today, November 15, 2008

Powerful Santa Ana winds continued to beat down, carrying ash and twigs from the devastated landscape. Elegant cacti spewed smoke and mail boxes hung from charred posts. Cars and motorcycles were reduced to piles of ash and molten steel.

Originally Posted by Edx View Post
While Fizzard gets back to me I'll link some more examples here to archive:

"The station’s newscast that evening stated that the fire reached a temperature of 5,000F/2,760C and melted thick metal plates"

"Melted metal from the alloy wheels of burnt-out vehicles runs along the ground after a bushfire swept through Bendigo"

And one from Fizzard's list I could find:

"As the highway reopened early Monday, investigators worked to identify vehicles, some of which were reduced to molten steel in the fire's intense heat."

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