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CARINA LANDIN, Swedish Friend of the DEAD

This came in during early June, 2004. I accepted her claim while advising her that her test proposal would need some work before it could accepted. She replied by stating that she was pleased to have had her application accepted, while making no mention of her test proposal.

I then put her in contact with our colleagues in Sweden for testing, after which she became "difficult" during protocol negotiations.

She eventually vanished.


I can let dead persons take contact through me.

If I hold an article like a ring, a peace of jewellrey or something else which has belonged to the dead person, I can most of the times make a contact with the former owner of the peace.

I describe the dead persons by telling my sitter about how they looked like, what caused their death (or how they passed over), diseases, sometimes what they worked with, personality and so on, and I have a message to my sitter about his/her situation today, in the future or real personal message from the dead person to my sitter about their relationship.

In my description the goal is that the sitter has recognized the dead person, and if he she doesn't do that, I don't get further with any messages. If I'm going to talk about their lives on earth, my sitter has tio know, that it is my contact who is talking, not me.

That they can't know if they don't know who my contact is.

A demonstration is with one person at a time. I can do ten sittings for this test. I would like to do 5 a day but if it is impossible to do the test in 2 days I can do 10 in one day.

Of the ten sittings 8 must be right, I have to been able to describe the right person.

I must have at least 80% correct in the details I give about the dead persons.

It must be guaranteed, that the article has belonged to the dead personand it must have been important in some way for the person while he/she was living.

For instance, a photograph isn't always important but a wedding ring is.

I want to do the test in Swedish, in Sweden, and with objective persons which both you and I can trust. How we are going to chose them I don't know, but I want to approve them.

I want to bring with me a friend, who is going to be my translator, because my English is not too good. The sittings can be taken on tape, so we both can control, that the translation has been correct.

-C. Landin


Obviously there are several problems with her protocol, and more than just one or two little red flags. For example, if the test will be conducted in Swedish, presumably her native tongue, why does she need a translator?

Some of my correspondence with our Swedish colleague
(Professor Sven Ove Hansson at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm) follows in the next post...
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