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Here's another conundrum. A witness walking down Columbia Pike along the same contentious area in question.

Ryan, James

He tilted his wings, this way and in this way (Ryan mimics). He kinda did like that. At that point the plane was slow, so that happened concurrently with the engines going down. And then straighten up in sort of suddenly and hit full gas. (Ryan mimics). It was just so loud.
Question: And you saw it hit the Pentagon?*
* * * * * RJ: No at that point it went down because I was approaching a hill.
And at that point it went straight down over the hill and a moment later I heard this terrific boom!, a very deep boom! sound, and then immediately I saw all the orange and yellow sort of ball of fire and then thick black smoke go up in to the air. . . .
"I live a couple of miles from the Pentagon and my car wasn't starting so I was looking for a garage, a mechanic to fix my car. This place was on Columbia Pike. So I went to Columbia Pike. And so I left there and then that's when I saw what I saw; I saw the plane, was on my way home.


Well I heard [making a buzzing sound that drops in pitch] and so I looked up. And when I looked up . . . on my left . . . I see an American Airlines plane, silver plane, I could see "AA" on the tail. I noticed the landing gear was up. And the airport's over here . . . the planes are landing this way, typically [pointing in the opposite direction]. And so he's going in the wrong direction.
There are only 4 people listed in Arlington, Virginia with that name. Only one within walking distance of Columbia Pike.

Route from Columbia Pike to S Joyce Street:

So, he's making his way home from this garage (Ed Paik's?) on Columbia Pike which runs a straight path towards the Navy Annex

And curves down past the Navy Annex

Here's the official path vs witnessed path:

From what position could James Ryan physically view the "official path" to his "left" on Columbia Pike?

(He claimed that he couldn't see the alleged impact because he was "approaching a hill" so he had to be walking towards the Navy Annex)

He couldn't. And the fact that he claims to have seen it "go straight down over the hill" suggests that he saw the aircraft in it's "final seconds" before reaching the Pentagon.

Here's the hill that he's referring to:

I can't reach any other conclusion other than yet another witness corroborating Paik and Morin.


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