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Here's my list. Sorry if some have already been posted.

1.There’s a ton of evidence but all the evidence was shipped to China.

2. Bin Laden worked for the CIA but the CIA used a “fake” Bin Laden in the video.

3. Everybody’s asleep but everybody’s waking up.

4. The debunkers disrespect the victims’ families but the families who said they spoke to their loved ones on the planes are liars.

5. You can’t trust what the government says except when you can trust the government (e.g., the FBI lies, but we know Bid Laden wasn’t guilty cuz the FBI didn’t include 9/11 on his Most Wanted entry).

6. You can’t trust what the media says except when you can trust what the media says. (e.g., the BBC reported WTC 7’s collapse early so they can’t be trusted, but we know some of the hijackers are alive because it was reported by the BBC).

7. The government-funded investigations were corrupt so we need another government-funded investigation.

8. Cheney ordered that the Pentagon plane not be shot down but there was no Pentagon plane.

9. Hanjour couldn’t have made the difficult maneuvers in the Pentagon plane but there was no Pentagon plane.

10. Silverstein told an FDNY official to “pull it” but he never spoke to an FDNY official.

11. A firefighter said WTC 7’s going to "blow" so he had advance knowledge of the inside job, but the firefighters weren’t part of the inside job.

12. Thermite/thermate was used in order to disguise the demolitions by avoiding the sound of explosives, but people heard explosives.

13. According to various truthers, the people involved in the plot included demo crews, building maintenance staff, building security staff, first responders at all 3 sites, ground zero crews, FEMA, NIST, DOD, CIA, United Airlines, American Airlines, scientists at MIT, Purdue, Northwestern, Berkeley, etc., insurance companies, Rudy Giuliani, Larry Silverstein, the Mossad, all the media in the world, etc. etc. etc. and yet . . . it would only take a relatively small handful of people to pull off 9/11.

14. Who was behind 9/11? It was the Bush Administration! No wait! It was a rogue group of government officials! No wait! It was the NWO! No wait! It was the Jews! No wait! It was Haliburton and other defense contractors! No wait! It was the Vatican! No wait! It was the illuminati! Aw hell, it was all of ‘em!

15. What hit the Pentagon? It was a Global Hawk! No wait! It was an A3 Skywarrior! No wait! It was a missile! No wait! It really was Flight 77 but Hanjour wasn’t at the controls! No wait! It was all done with explosives!
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