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In december 2012, Mark Basile was interviewed by Bernie Suarez and Andrew Steele of the internet radio format "9/11 Free Fall", about his past studies of red-gray chips, and about his planned new and independent study.

I am happy to announced that Mark has realized a few facts that we have been preaching for a long time, and is an honest enough chap to acknowledge them openly and without hesitation. Mainly:
  1. There are two, not just one, different known WTC steel primers to be considered
  2. The vast majority of red chips that one pulls out of the dust is in fact primer paint (and only some show this exotherm behaviour that make him think they are thermitic)
  3. He thinks that even Steven Jones had "definitely" some praimer paint chips in his study (presumably Harrit

YouTube Video This video is not hosted by the ISF. The ISF can not be held responsible for the suitability or legality of this material. By clicking the link below you agree to view content from an external website.

I'll transcribe Basile's full uninterupted texts from the moment the host stops speaking till Basile stops speaking, so as not give the likes of MM or ergo cause to accuse me of quote mining. And yes, I am fully aware that Basile also states clearly he thinks there is nano-thermite in there. That's not the point of this post.

Money quotes in bold:

1. starting 25:50
"I've been supplied with a sample of – from what I understand there may have been actually two different primers used with the construction of the World Trade Center, I have been supplied with one of them[1]. And I put it through the exact same test[2] and it didn't produce iron spheres. Basically all it does is it turns into, in large part, glass fibers and a bunch of minerals and so on, but there's no iron spheres or iron films or anything that gets produced from the one primer that I've put through the exact same experiment. And I wouldn't expect any paint to do that. I also put a number of different paints that I basically have just in my house, they're not World Trade Center primer paint or anything, but they are just paints. And just seeing for myself, again, you know, run another experiment, and I didn't expect them to produce molten iron, and they didn't. You wouldn't expect any paints that you paint onto any building […?...] caught on fire to produce molten iron. If it did, you wouldn't use it to paint your building. You just wouldn't do it – I wouldn't, anyway. Nobody in their right mind would insure your building if it did."
I would like to comment that Basile didn't know about a second primer when I talked with him on the phone the day before Thanksgiving. I supplied him with links to some of my blog posts, including the one about LaClede primer. Although he never responded to my mails, it seems he still took notice and accepts, with some legitimate caution, the information I provided. So thumbs up to him

2. starting 27:26
"There are a lot of paint chips in the dust! You should make that perfectly clear! Just when you, if anybody in the audience, let's say, would get out there and get a World Trade Center dust sample, and they pull out red chips from this, I'm not telling anybody in the world that every red chip you're gonna pull out of there is one of these nano-thermite chips. The vast majority of them actually are primer paint, from what I […?...], but that doesn't mean they all are. And they are not all, because […?...] pulled out ones where I've seen the reaction, I've seen the product, so I know you're in there. But there is also a lot of primer paint chips in there, too."
3. starting 28:28
"I think some of the chips that, you know, Jones and all looked at were definitely, you know, primer paint chips, too, so not everything in there was nano-thermite chips. But there were chips that gave this exotherm, and that's where the real key thing is. You get those extreme exotherm at just a little off 400 C and it produces molten iron as a reaction product."

This raises a few questions that I would like Basile, as well as Jones and collaborators, to answer:

A) How do you tell primer chips apart from "thermitic" chips before doing any thermal testing, i.e. without destructing them?
B) Were Jones, Farrer, Harrit aware that the vast majority of the chips are primer paint?
B1) If so, how exactly did they select the chips which to experiment on?
B2) In particular, how did Farrer select the chips he tested in the DSC? Did all chips he tested there show this exotherm behaviour?
C) Which chips in the Jones study are probably paint chips, in Basile's opinion, and in the opinion of Jones, Farrer, Legge, Ryan, Harrit?
D) Will any of these men acknowledge that they didn't disprove "paint" when they compared just one type of red-gray chips with one type of WTC primer paint?

[1] I am 99% certain that he was supplied with a paint sample from WTC columns, so that would most probably be Tnemec 99 or 69, and not LaClede paint from the floor trusses, but I can't prove it, and I am not sure that Basile himself is clear about the source of his primer sample.
[2] That test is heating the sample on a thin strip of steel that he runs a controlled electrical current through, observing the ensuing reactions visually, and looking at the residue through a photomicroscope.

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