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I just read the actual quote from James Randi.

I am appalled and actually thought it was a joke at first. I even checked out the URL to see I wasn’t redirected to a fake website. I never in a million years could imagine Randi to be this stupid and brutal.

First of all Randi displays a total lack of understanding in the principles of natural selection and survival of the fittest. And yes, his actual words are a perfect representation of the social Darwinist viewpoint.
Secondly, the man has absolutely no clue with respect to the causes, underlying principles and propagating factors concerning addiction. For example it is long suspected that addiction and mental illness go hand in hand.

So when Randi is proposing to “weed out those for whom there is no hope except through his forbearance” (his words) he is actually proposing to weed out people with psychiatric disorders? I deliberately ended this sentence with a question mark cause I really can’t believe that is what he actually meant to say, but due to his lack of understanding in the matter he is actually making a very similar point.
Further, those “losers” he wants to “weed” out are someone’s child (and they could as well be his or mine).
By his logic by the way there wouldn’t be any alcohol addicts. Alcohol is one of the most dangerous and addictive substances and one of the hardest to detox from and…it is legal.
So in Randi’s perfect little world we should just let all alcoholics die of liver cirrhosis. That will solve the problem!
But, oh no, the data does not support his uninformed view.
I just took the top two hits from a google search.

Alcoholism is still widespread and people still die daily as the result of this addiction.

God forbid, mr Randi has to support any form of care, research and professional help with his tax money for these losers.

I am still open to the idea I am misinterpreting his words and that he is making a subtle point which is going way over my head, but really, after reading and rereading, I can only come to one conclusion: the man is a total douchebag and yes he seems to be propagating social Darwinism!

Oh, and I am totally in favor of legalizing drugs, but obviously not for the same reasons as Randi.

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