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Originally Posted by Minarvia View Post
*shrugs again* So? I don't particularly care what you "think" any more than you likely care what I think.
Randi may address this - he may not. His choice.
I don’t know where I gave you the idea I feel he may not address this.
He can say what he wants and I can criticize him for it just as anyone can criticize my opinions.

The ‘people can do themselves in’ remark is not why I have a problem with Randi. Granted, it is an insensitive thing to say, but hey, no one’s a saint. You might expect a little more strategic common sense from the figurehead of a critical thinking organization but maybe that’s just me. Especially since this comment is made in response to the fact he had been accused of promoting Social Darwinism. A thing most people would be ashamed of. Not Randi though, he doesn’t even try to deny it.

My beef with Randi is regarding his original blog entry on this site which apparently started the whole thing. Have you read it?

If you did you might agree with me that he is spouting some impressive pseudoscientific nonsense there.
Isn’t that what this site is all about, discussing the paranormal, pseudoscientific and the supernatural (what a coincidence, it is the motto of the JREF)?

I am going out on a limb here but I suspect if some anonymous woo proponent would start a topic in the science section following Randi’s train of thought he would be ripped apart by the knowledgeable people who reside there, and with good reason.

In short, to me it has been an eye opener to find out that the figurehead of the JREF is, besides an insensitive jerk, also completely ignorant with respect to the principles of evolution and at the same time is advocating Social Darwinism.
To me, that seems pretty relevant to this forum and the motto of the JREF in general.

Also, if Randi can actually prove his strange views on evolution, in my opinion he can collect his own million dollars. It goes against everything we know about evolution and the principles underlying addiction and psychiatric disorders.
How about it mr Randi?

(Note to self: make shorter posts. No one will read!)

Edit: @Minarvia. I think I misunderstood your point stating Randi may or may not address this.
My apologies.

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