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I was being general, Blabla, but basically I'm not worried about political correctness or think that people should have to walk on eggshells over every little thing they say or write. I'm not trying to be insensitive here, but I realise that people have beef with other people all the time.

I'm not saying that feelings about other's words or actions should not be addressed or thought about, or even critisised. It just seems to me that you have some sort of sensitivity to this that I don't quite understand. Heck, if all the people I've sometimes wished out of the gene pool disappeared the planet would be a heck of a lot less populated!

I guess it boils down to all of us being human and we all say things that may be awful from time to time. I just hope you aren't working yourself up overtly. I genuinely mean it when I say that I am worried that you may be working yourself up to a point of anxiety that will depress you. Being a chronic depressive myself I have to work hard to keep myself from stressing out over things like this unless they have special (I know that's objective!) consequence to me.

That said, welcome to the JREF and I hope you stick around. That you started a thread that you know could become uneasy is courageous. I myself lurked for a year or so before I even was able to work up my courage to post at all.

Wow...this is probably one of my most useless thread responses ever.
"Hercules, what is a secret?"
"Why, a secret is something you tell practically everybody confidentially." Wheeler and Woolsey in "Diplomaniacs."

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