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Sorry, you're right. You didn't start the thread. It was another brain-fart moment.
But yeah, the comments are rather harsh and surprise me and you have a point about if it were Sylvia Browne the thread would be longer. I think that is because Randy has a firm stance against charlatans and building critical thinking skills and not being duped. Browne, Edward, Van Praagh and their type prey upon people every day of their lives.

Perhaps that is why I'm not happy with the remarks, either, but I'm not as upset as I normally would be.

As for "Social Darwinism," I won't even pretend that I know precisely what that means. But if I hazard a guess, isn't it possible that such attitudes ARE part of social evolution? Does it sort of go hand in hand with social altruism? Some individual traits prove detrimental in the long run and others prove beneficial?

Or am I far from the mark? You don't need to answer, blabla, nor does anyone else, because I obviously have not looked up Social Darwinism yet. I'm just guessing and can't but wonder now if the attitudes, as insensitive and harsh as they can be, aren't part of it. I don't like to think so, but I honestly don't know.
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