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Originally Posted by Louigi Verona View Post
I don't see anything pseudo-scientific in his blog post.
Third, the principle of Survival of the Fittest would draconically prove itself for a couple of years, after which Natural Selection would weed out those for whom there is no hope except through our forbearance, and I'm very, very, weary of supporting these losers with my tax dollars.
Here. Randi appears to believe in some pop culture version of SotF.

Then there's the plain ignorance of what many drug addicts are like:

Second, those individuals who were stupid enough to rush into the arms of the mythical houris and/or Adonis's they would expect to greet them, would simply do so and die - by whatever chemical or biological fate would overcome them.
I have drug addicts of several kinds in my family, and guess what? They're much like everyone else. Most of them work. Some don't. Most have ordinary jobs. Some have high-paying jobs. Some are stupid. Some are brilliant. Some are nice. Some are mean.

A LARGE part of the population are alcoholics, and significant portions abuse prescription drugs (Physicians in particular, perhaps because of availability and the stress of the job - are these part of the people Randi wants to "weed out"?), and many of them can handle life just fine. That's not to say we shouldn't work against alcoholism, but to "weed them out" based on some strawman idea of what an alcoholic is like is just ignorant.
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