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Originally Posted by blabla View Post

On a different note: Just to illustrate the harshness of Randiís words I have included a a very moving documentary about 4 endstage alcoholics called 'Rain In My Heart'.

Two out of four are quite young and have little hope left, so they fit Randiís profile.
It is quite long though and it seems the documentary maker doesnít have a lot of experience, but I found it well worth watching.
It is quite depressing, so Minarvia, I advise you not to watch .

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Thanks for the warning, blabla! I won't watch, as I do get depressed to the point of crying very easily.

However, just a brief aside regarding the opposite side of the coin, I recently discovered that two of my ancestors were both alcoholics and into drugs (don't know which sort) and both lead them to murder. One murdered her husband, daughter-in-law and her two newborn twins. Her son (my grandfather) murdered his own brother. Neither was crazy or abnormal before the usage, if family lore is correct (and seems to be supported) so there are those who become very awful and detrimental to those around them. Oh hells, that was FAR more depressing than this video may be...
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