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Originally Posted by blabla View Post
He still seems to have a weird interpretation of the concepts of evolution though. But I get that a lot. It seems very difficult for people to realize evolution is what it is: a passive, non-teleological process with no morals or judgement. There is no better, or worse in evolution. Just some species that survive and some that don't.

Randi still seems to believe that evolution implies us to actively be a stronger species or something.
It doesn't, evolution just explains by what mechanisms organisms have evolved over time. It is a descriptive theory describing the rules of the game. Nowhere does it imply we will build a better society if we implement some of these principles in a societal context.
If anything we should stay away from implementing anything remotely close to principles like survival of the fittest.

If there is any hope for the human species it is in cultivating and cherishing differences and yes, weaknesses too and furthering our understanding of the world.
Just my utopic 10 cents.
I agree, but that's a debate for another day...

The only thing that hasn't been discussed clearly was the fundamental attribution error, which Randi hinted at. It's not as simple as "remove the alcoholic alleles", because drug abuse arises from many different factors, and many things outside one's control influence it - I would hazard a guess that genetics are a pretty minor component.

There is actually a somewhat amusing irony in it... If survival of the fittest really worked on that, then there would have to be drug abuser alleles. People can't control their genetics, and somehow these people would be similar to the disabled or mentally ill, which most sane people nowadays do not think we should weed out.
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