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Mustery solved

Hi, first time poster, I registered so that I could share with you all who those mysterious SEAL/Craft/private security guys in all the CT websites are. Forgive me if it's already been posted, but my quick scan of the thread revealed nothing.

They are Massachusetts WMD-CST.What does this acronym mean? I'm glad you asked. Since I cannot post links until I have 15 posts, please copy the following article title into Google search and click on the first search result-

Guard’s WMD Civil Support Teams Can Respond Faster Than Other Federal Assets

In the above article, note how many public events these guys are on standby at, it's in the 100s every year, it is perfectly reasonable the Boston Marathon is one of them.

Also, note the mention of the ADVON Suburban, which perfectly matches the description and operation of the Suburban with communications gear that showed up at the finish line just after the explosions, which these guys then congregated around. The picture of the one gentleman with the radiation detector, and of others ripping the skirting off the bleachers so they could see if anything was hidden underneath them, would be exactly the behavior I would expect from members of such a unit. They also interacted with what is assumed to be the FBI bomb squad once they showed up on scene.

But don't take my word for it, in the following link (pop it in Google again), the website of the National Guard themselves say the Massachusetts CST team were there, and were assisted by the Rhode Island and New York teams.

National Guard's civil support teams respond to crisis nation-wide

Oh, and the baseball cap with the Punisher logo that one of them is wearing is available for purchase by anyone online. No one else is wearing anything with that logo (the logo on the one mans chest is not a Craft logo, no Craft logo has white writing like that underneath). It is not a part of the teams 'covert' gear, it is just a baseball cap this guy wore to work, and I guess he thinks it looks badass.

Despite this making, ummm, way more sense than them being private contractors there to do a (spooky voice) false flag , everywhere I have posted this so far in the CT realm, it has met with utter denial, and some advice that I should quit shilling for the Craft, or something like that. They also ask, "if they were there, how did they not stop this??" Well, there was no WMDs (the death toll would have been higher than 3), and the explosive material was in a container that, by design, is completely air tight.

These guys are pretty badass, I'm glad they are out there, and it's a shame the CT media is running their pictures through the mud. I can understand why no real media has covered them, they are cards to hold close to your chest, so to speak. We got a sneak peak behind the curtains of the Federal security apparatus, and these CT are absolutely clueless about it.

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