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Originally Posted by madurobob View Post
Its, um, in Dutch. I can read the letters and sound out the words phonetically, buts its still gibberish to me.
OK, so you have lots of ideas on what the girls did wrong, while having no idea what their report actually says? Brilliant skepticism that.

Originally Posted by madurobob View Post
While they tried to control temps, I very much doubt they controlled humidity with two routers and two PCs running 24/7. I also doubt they controlled temps as well as they think they did. Or air circulation.
This is probably true, however the air volume in a typical class room is large enough for it to be only very slightly affected by the equipment used.

Originally Posted by madurobob View Post
Honestly, why they thought they had to put the samples in completely separate rooms is beyond me. It introduces too many variables they cannot control.
Because they wanted to avoid stray radiation from the experiment affecting the control and would/could not build suitable shielding?
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