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Originally Posted by svenax View Post
OK, so you have lots of ideas on what the girls did wrong, while having no idea what their report actually says? Brilliant skepticism that.
Not at all, but thanks for the breathless misreporting. What I have is what is being reported in various news sources in my native language. They give an overview of the protocol and that overview is enough to see major flaws.

Originally Posted by svenax View Post
This is probably true, however the air volume in a typical class room is large enough for it to be only very slightly affected by the equipment used.
That all depends on air circulation, proximity of the samples to the equipment, and the location of the thermometer, doesn't it? Or, have you never noticed how much warmer that one corner of your office is because the PC and router are sitting there, even though the middle of the room feels the same as the rest of the building?

Originally Posted by svenax View Post
Because they wanted to avoid stray radiation from the experiment affecting the control and would/could not build suitable shielding?
Yeah, this is the problem for me. A little metal window screen and five minutes work would do it. They are testing RF radiation from a router and don't know about this? And they are in a science class?

As mentioned earlier, a few minutes thought would have given them an easy way to test their original hypothesis about cell phones and sleep. Faraday bags on the phones (and non-faraday bags that look the same, as a control).

But, I guess that is too easy and too obvious.
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