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Originally Posted by svenax View Post
Hypothesis: WiFi radiation does affect plant growth. Right?
Is that stated in their paper? It'd be a rather weak hypothesis as it contains no reasoning. Can you translate that part of the report for us?

Originally Posted by svenax View Post
As explained in the report, several computers were used to make sure the routers saw constant traffic.
Were the computers doing anything to generate traffic? Were students using them?

Plenty of nice graphs and photos in the report. As well as okular inspection to determine growth, they weighted all the seeds afterwards to compare biomass.
The news article shows a photo of a fully sprouted plate, with growth far beyond what the paper listed. This would indicated that at least one of the plates was not inspected or measured. How many plates were inspected and measured? What method was used to determine which plates were measured and inspected? Were the sprouts dried before measuring?

No mention of mutation in the report.
I see that in several news sources. For some reason, they have scanned text rather than actual text in their report, so it isn't possible for me to do machine translation without retyping the whole thing. bummer.

And that would have been a trial easier to control, how exactly?
As others have said, either have a bag that has mesh sewn into it or not. Or phones off or on. A box with a phone in it, or a weight, etc.
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