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Since I am a gardener, and have sprouted seeds using a heat-mat, I assumed I might find some instances where people may have used their warm WiFi router box for a heat source.

I thought I'd jump right in and post a cheapskate tip for those of us that don't need a full size heat mat, or simply don't have one.

Most of us have a WiFi router that is running 24/7 - pumping out heat that is otherwise wasted. My router has a surface temp of around 32c.
If you're careful about how you do it, you can use your router as a heat pad to germinate seeds.
Obviously moisture and electricity don't mix, so don't use a container with drain holes, and take your container outside to water it.
Also, allow for some air flow around the router - I stack about 1cm of coins under my trays to allow for ventilation.
Works for me.

I can truthfully say that I use the internet to grow my vegetables! For the last few years Iíve been using the passive heat from my cable modem & router to germinate my seeds. Itís pretty simple to do: find a leak-proof plastic container, throw in some dirt, add seeds of what you want to grow, add some (but not too much) water, and then place it on your cable modem or internet router. Seeds do not need light to grow, rather they need heat and moisture to germinate. By using the passive heat from the cable modem & router, I can grow just about anythingÖ

Out of fairness of course, just finding some images on the web is not very scientific either, as these sprouts could have performed badly. So I won't claim this is "proof" of anything, except that seeds are sprouted on top of wifi boxes, by people who like to post photos on the web..
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