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Hi Senenmut,

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hey warren

do these new ntsb files contain the two fields that pft guys talked about awhile back? we talked about it on page 108 in this thread.

from the pft website:

FDR Expert Dennis Cimino further goes on to state:

"[i]t just all comes down to two data fields being zeroed out. no tickee, no laundry. without those, there can... never be any linkage of the FDR to an 'N' number in the F.A.A. registry. not because the 'N' number is in the AC ID field, but the AC ID FIELD number is directly traceable to an N-Number in the F.A.A. registry, and the FLEET ID shows which carrier it went to."

"[T]hose missing, that [data] could come from anywhere..."

"[N]obody flies boxes with that data zero'ed out or missing. without this data in the CPM [Crash Protected Memory], in the preamble, there can be no linkage to an aircraft N-Number."

"I saw that on the first look.... the test person who extracted that data should have seen the NO ACFT ID and NO FLEET ID and said; "oh, this is such bull___t" and then asked his supervisor why they were asking him to decode BULL___T.
Those two fields do not appear in the text headers of any of the FDR files that I have. I have now extracted out the text headers of the FDR files and made them available here.

The text header for AAL77 was also posted by others. Here is a Google search to find them.

I have transcribed some of Dennis Cimino's comments in this video of a talk that he gave on June 17, 2012 at the Vancouver 911 Hearing:
At approximately 03:04 in the video
There are two data fields in the very front end of the file for the flight data recorder when it writes the crash protected memory data in to the memory module that is inside what is called a pig or protected memory encapsulation. I saw that the Aircraft Identification Number and the Fleet Identification Number were zero zero zero zero zero for both of the data fields.
At approximately 08:51 in the video
The reason why I know it came from a bench unit or that it had been on a bench unit at least the data that was in the crash protected memory that I was looking at that I was examining came from a bench unit is that a bench unit does not have aircraft identification in it for a good reason, it is not going on an airplane, so aircraft ID is zero zero zero zero zero. Fleet identification which ties it to the air carrier that it is flying by is also zero zero zero zero zero.
So in that video, he claimed that both fields were zero zero zero zero zero, but none of the text headers of the FDR files that I have actually contain those fields.

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