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Originally Posted by Hercules56 View Post
Hezbollah yes has a militant wing but they also give food and medicines to refugees and other needy peoples.
In choosing to support humanitarian organizations, it's best to choose those that do not have "militant wings".

The idea is to discourage barbaric and thuggish behavior. So even if it were true that Hezbollah had different "wings", and it it not, the existence of a militant wing should disqualify it from receiving any kind of foreign aid. That aid should go to a different organization that does not have a "militant wing", and if one cannot be found, one can be created.

Imagine for a moment if the Salvation Army had a "militant wing" that sometimes carried out bus bombings or fired rockets into populated areas. Would you make excuses for that just because they also ran soup kitchens and homeless shelters? Or would you shift your support to another agency that only ran soup kitchens and homeless shelters, and promise the Salvation Army to resume your support when they dismantled their military wing?

Choosing the second option not only allows your aid to help people in need, but you also leverage that aid to reduce the violence. It's a win-win.
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