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Ivan et al,
Here are some quotes from several recent emails of Ziggi (who always addresses me as "Mohr"):

You donīt think Daveīs new video is BS, do you????...
You see Mohr, I told you this would happen! Apparently there are so many different red chips that the FTIR is meaningless, according to Kminek! And you are still going to refuse us saying that Millette does not have the same chips as Harrit et al? But it is OK for you to use the same "different chips" argument????...
Dear Mohr, your concern for insults is charming, especially given the company you keep at your beloved JREF forum...
Millette is refusing to publish because he knows he has not got the right chips...
- Keep on the winning smile if you are going to take part in that, with your Bible in hand...
I am sorry for my anger towards you in the past, I simply thought you were willingly being a shill, shoveling ****. But I have heard from several people that either know you or know someone who knows you that you are simply deluded and that you honestly believe the official non-sense and the JREF crowd.
If none of this is enough to wake you up, you never will.... [I have apologized to people in the past for my mistakes, but never like this]

And my last email to him included this: Good luck in your research Ziggi. I just don't want to interact with someone as abusive as you. And BTW I've volunteered in prison with child molesters, bank robbers and mass murderers for 20 years so swear words don't bother me. You do bother me, because you are abusive.

His response: I just apologized for having been angry at you in the past in another letter, but you respond by describing me as worse than child molesters, and you say I am the abusive one?

Yes, I do say you are being abusive Ziggi. And THAT is why I say Good Bye now. And good luck in your research, I really do mean that.
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