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Originally Posted by hgus View Post
How does it work on facebook? Who is posting when World Freeman Society post a link? IE who is the poster named World Freeman Society?
I'm reasonably certain that is Peter, the WFS site admin.

And it is a most delicious irony, that a anarchic and government-hating movement post links to a totalitarian state and use it as a model. The nazis would send the freemen to Gestapos cellars in no time. Not a very tolerant bunch the nazis.
Indeed. And Peter is busy passionately defending Hiter and Nazi Germany over on the WFS forums. Even some of the faithful are starting to question this madness.

Here are few choice quotes from freedom-loving Peter at WFS:


"Adolf Hitler fought for our future and freedom."

"Winston Churchill, Roosevelt, Eisenhower and Stalin were all Jews backed by the same Jewish Bank Gangsters that run the show today.
Hitler who was God fearing, as well as his Arm which consisted of ALL religions, were fighting Communism which was Godless.
Communism is what we globally see today as a Free and Democratic Society, where anyone can own your ASSets, buy into your country, lobby the **** away your rights because you have no say, and you walk around in the illusion that you are free.

In Germany and Europe, Hitler was fighting for your rights, freeing you from the Bank Gangsters and giving everyone equal rights."


Hitler love fest starts at page 3 of this thread:

And some more of the faithful questioning WFS' new direction here:

And who is responsible for Peter's conversion to Nazism?

"You see, what I ave realised, and I am no thicky thicky, is mainly from Rob and his films and teachings is thatit is OK to question things."

Menard must be so proud. So, Canada and other western democracies are fascist tyrannies, while the beacon for freedom and equality and the model for WFS to emulate is...Nazi Germany.

You couldn't make this **** up.
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