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Rick Shaddock is a 9/11 Truth activist and he is the webmaster of several 9/11 Truth related sites. Currently he is working on a PhD in an education research project to see if there is a correlation between critical thinking ability, and scores on a survey about “Truther” related topics. In this episode of 9/11 Free Fall he talks about his 9/11 related work, and about Mark Basile’s effort to have a new test done on the dust of the World Trade Center towers, including how listeners can help wit that effort.

There seem to be several academics living in the body of Rick Shaddock.

There is the Rick Shaddock we (barely) know who, according to his Linkedin profile, did a Master in Education at the "Maharishi University of Management" (with a thesis on "Critical Thinking, Open-Mindedness, and EEG Coherence in Meditating Students"), a BS in Computer Science at Colgate University and an "online course for developing and managing real estate" at Trump University.

Then there is (or better: was) a Dr. Rick Shaddock with a similar looking resume who, in 1984, also did a Ph.D. in Computer Science at the obscure "Central International University" in Los Angeles (dissertation: Relational database management training methodologies - not available anywhere). Actually the university is so obscure that you can only find it in a number of business listings, most of which point to a "Ste 530" (a PO Box, I guess) in an office building at Wilshire Blvd. It also has another address at 1000 University Manor, Fairfield, Iowa which - and now it's getting entertaining - is also the address of a PO Box of Rick Shaddock's CI Corp. What are the odds? I bet the telephone number of the university - if it still exists - leads to an answering service. At one point they even had a rather crappy and fake looking web site, which linked to an apparently never realized alumni site whose domain was coincidentally registered over Shaddock's "Cosmic Internet Registration".

Need a Ph.D.? Just make up your own university.

There's a third Dr. Shaddock who finished his Ph.D. in the same year as the above (1984) at the equally obscure California Technical University. Actually I can only find a high school by that name, and it appears to be defunct.

There also is another Shaddock who did his Ph.D. at "C.I.T.", which I guess is supposed to create the impression that the university was Caltech.

And there's the lab coat wearing computer scientist (Frede-)Rick Shaddock who did his Ph.D. at Westmar University in Iowa, also in 1984.

There's the 1997 version of Rick Shaddock who was a "PhD candidate in Computer Science" at an unnamed institution. The 1998 Shaddock who had finished his Ph.D. in Computer Science. The year 2001 Shaddock who was currently working on his "PhD dissertation in Computer Science" (title: Database management methodologies, and EEG brain wave correlates - not available anywhere). The 2002 Shaddock who finally had earned back his Ph.D. - institution still unknown. And the 2014 Shaddock who is currently working on a Ph.D ... again (see above quote).
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