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Myriad, Dave, Beachnut and Ziggi

Catching you up on Ziggi's assertions:

Beachnut repeatedly compares the DSC curve of known nanothermite and the red-grey chips. With both ignition temps and energy release drastically off, he says there is no way this can be thermite. Ziggi says this is untrue, that this is a different kind of thermite, that they often ignite at different temps. So OK, I could say these contrasting DSC curves don't DISPROVE thermite; THEY PROVE NOTHING. And as has been pointed out, there is no known thermite, thermate or nanothermite that ignites at 430C. The only product I know of that ignites at 430C is Analytyka's iron flakes! (Hmmmm could this just be ignition of the iron in the chips?). Ah, says Ziggi, but the DSC just shows a strong exothermic reaction, in the same SHAPE as thermite! Well, in five minutes of googling I found plenty of DSC curves of igniting stuff with the same general sharp peak. If Beachnuit says these curves DISPROVE thermite, the most generous thing I can say to Ziggi is, it may not DISPROVE thermite, but it sure don't prove nuthin'!

Then Ziggi claims that there are broad, gentle curves whenever the Harrit/Jones team burns paint. But did Ivan's fake LaClede chips and other paint-on-metal chips ignite? Does anyone remember?

Myriad's claim that it is not clear whether the 4:1 ratio of iron to oxygen is based on weight or atomic count is soundly rekjected by Ziggi. Not being an expert on the matter, I am willing to give Ziggi the benefit of the doubt and assume that indeed Harrit's burnt chips showed ratios of 2:1 to as high as 4:1 by atomic count, not weight. After all, Rich Lee's report did talk about "iron rich", and one of Millette's reports showed "high iron content" in the dust. Having talked to Millette last year about this, he does believe that the iron-rich spheres are indeed iron-rich and wants to study this further (an interest he reasserted just a couople weeks ago). I don't think it's a stretch to accept the iron-richness of the spheres Harrit/Jones report on, because the EDX spectra show it (like Fig 21). The main question is, since these have been formed from burning these chips, how do we explain their presence? Since Ivan and Dave's demonstrations have failed to impress Ziggi et al, what WOULD impress tham?

Myriad also has hypothesized about iron oxide reduction, perhaps as a multi-stage process with gradual reduction and loss of oxygen step-by-step. Ziggi rejects that possibility unless the temperature is around 2300F, and has offered links to published papers in support of his assertion. This is why I am hoping someone will carry out this demonstration. It's time to get to the lab again, I believe, to see if iron oxide reduction can happen in an ordinary fire...
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